We're the high country experts in complex pump systems, jet/vac cleaning, and the complete removal of sludge, grease, sand, and septic waste.

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Treatment Plants

With our portable pumping and dewatering units, we’ll remove your thick sludge quickly and thoroughly.

Clearwater Cleanup Company has been providing pumping, maintenance and emergency service to treatment plants since 1994. Our fleet of easily mobilized units can be pumping within 30 minutes of arrival at your plant. Whether you need routine sludge removal, or critical pumping and repairs, you can turn to Clearwater for practical assistance.

Clearwater offers the following services for treatment plants:

frisco fleet

We can bring a fleet of equipment to your plant
for maintenance or emergency service.

Pumping and Mobile Dewatering

Clearwater is the only company in Colorado to use Simon Moos mobile dewatering containers from Denmark. With this advanced system, we can continually pump and process sludge on-site. Because we reduce your disposal volume by up to 90%, it is more economical than a tanker for many applications. Our compact equipment is perfect for small plants and remote sites.

Our roll-off boxes are easy to set up and work faster than a belt press. Best of all, our gravity dewatering system produces a large quantity of clear water, or supernatant, which can be used to thin out thick sludge, without adding to total gallons. We use this water in our high-pressure jetters to break up grit, and move sludge towards our pumps. Combined with our efficient hydraulic pumps and years of experience, this means we can remove your heavy sludge and grit that other companies might leave behind.

Clearwater provides fast and thorough sludge or grit removal from:

  • Tanks, digesters and clarifiers
  • Basins and polishing ponds
  • Lagoons up to 1 million gallons

Learn more about our portable sludge dewatering. For a complete list of the waste types we handle, see our sludge pumping page.

Vessel & Pipe Cleaning and Repairs
Clearwater is your all-in-one provider for pumping, cleaning, confined space entry and repairs. Because of our unique dewatering process, we can thoroughly high-pressure wash your plant equipment using our recycled clear water. After cleaning, we can inspect, repair or replace your process piping and other components

Here are some examples of the equipment we clean and service:
  • Scum pits
  • Chlorine contact chambers
  • Process piping
  • Inlet and outlet lines
  • Lift stations and pumps
  • Muffin monsters
  • Tank interiors
  • Aeration equipment
  • Shafts, propellers and gear boxes
  • Valves
  • Media filters
pod cleaning

High-pressure cleaning pods in a digester.

Emergency Assistance

Clearwater’s pumping and dewatering equipment is relatively small and modular. We can quickly mobilize units for your immediate needs. Within 30 minutes of arriving on-site, we can be set up and pumping 3,200 gallons per minute.

Clearwater offers an extensive selection of pumping and dewatering trucks, 8000-gallon roll-off dewatering containers, hydraulic pumps, jetters, sewer cameras, vacuum tanks and a small Hi-Vac truck. Our roll-off containers can be set in small spaces and left on-site if needed.

If your plant loses electrical power, find your flashlight and call Clearwater. We are completely self-sufficient; we do not need to use your power or water to pump, dewater or high-pressure wash.

“Clearwater’s biggest advantage to FSD is the amount of equipment Clearwater can bring to bear to work on our treatment plant.

The District suffered catastrophic failure of an air line in a digester. One phone call to Clearwater quickly brought hundreds of thousands of dollars of equipment to drain and clean the digester for repairs plus a trained and energetic crew to help us out.

A small District like ours could never afford to keep and maintain the amount of equipment Clearwater can assist us with. We would have been in a world of hurt with Clearwater's support”.

Butch Green
Frisco Sanitation District

clear water

The clear water produced by our portable dewatering units
can be returned directly to your plant or used
for high-pressure jetting.

During an emergency, we can help with the following services: