We're the high country experts in complex pump systems, jet/vac cleaning, and the complete removal of sludge, grease, sand, and septic waste.

970-453-8875 Serving all of Colorado including Summit, Park, Lake, Clear Creek, & Eagle Counties

Resort / Commercial

With broad expertise and a variety of truck sizes, we’ll handle every aspect of your lift station and interceptor maintenance. Our low-profile jet/vac truck fits in garages where others can’t.

Clearwater Cleanup Company has been located in Summit County, Colorado since 1994. We are already up in the mountains and equipped to keep you running smoothly in your busiest season. No need to deal with multiple vendors: we can pump, clean and repair all of your interceptors, traps, tanks, catch basins, troughs and sewer lines.

Breck trucks

Because we are located nearby, we can arrive at your job site
first thing in the morning, or whenever it’s least congested

ski area trap

Clearwater can service remote sites, such as ski areas.

Clearwater has the right equipment for all your hard-to-reach areas, such as:
  • Low-clearance parking garages
  • Deep manholes
  • Interceptors and vessels that require “confined space entry”
  • Congested utility areas
  • Mountain slopes
  • Narrow roads
  • Off-road easements
  • Long sewer lines
Clearwater offers the following services for our resort and commercial clients:
  • Pumping of large grease interceptors- We can quickly pump and clean any interceptor to the bottom, regardless of size or inflow. In addition to unlimited pumping capacity, we are also certified to enter a vessel for hand-cleaning or repairs.
  • Pumping of small grease traps - Our long hoses and powerful equipment let us service indoor traps very quickly, resulting in less disruption and odor.
  • Sand trap service - Avoid flooding and legal issues by letting us pump your sand/oil interceptors and troughs. We are experienced in the proper testing, manifesting and disposal of sand waste.
  • Lift stations and pumps - - Get comprehensive service from just one vendor. We clean the lift station vessel, maintain the pumps, correct float and wiring problems, and install new pumps and control panels.
  • Pipe and drain service - Our high-pressure jetters or cables will remove clogs and build-up from your sewer or drainage lines. We clean interceptor piping, sewer lines, floor and roof drains.
  • Camera and locating - Video camera inspections help diagnose and locate sewer line problems without digging through landscaping or flooring.
  • Jetting and jet/vac - Let us clean up your storm sewers, catch basins, culverts, troughs and valve boxes.

You can choose Clearwater with confidence because:
  • We have the capacity and power to clean your largest waste systems.
  • We have the broad expertise to solve your complex, inter-related waste problems.
  • We strive to meet or exceed local, state and federal safety and compliance standards.
  • We offer environmental protection benefits such as composting our grease and septic waste.
  • We have a very versatile mix of trucks, pumps, hoses, and jetters that can be combined in whatever configuration is needed to solve your problem.

Did you know? Restaurants and other food service providers must follow Colorado’s waste grease regulations.