We're the high country experts in complex pump systems, jet/vac cleaning, and the complete removal of sludge, grease, sand, and septic waste.

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We have the capacity to solve even your most difficult septic or sewer problems.

Clearwater Cleanup Company provides the highest quality care for your residential waste system. We have been taking care of high country homeowners since 1994, always providing conscientious, thorough and honest service. Our polite, uniformed drivers are experienced and friendly.

Clearwater offers the following residential services:
  • Septic pumping- Clearwater has the truck capacity to completely pump out all chambers of even the largest septic tanks. We can reach tanks that are difficult to access, and we’re especially qualified to service “Advanced Treatment Systems” and other complex systems.
  • Septic inspections & use permits- Are you selling your home? Our NAWT- certified inspector can promptly pump and inspect On-site Wastewater Systems (OWS) for Summit County use permits.
  • Septic repairs- We install new lids, risers, filters, fittings and wiring to meet current plumbing code. We’re certified to safely enter septic tanks if needed for interior repairs. Our crew is licensed to install replacement tanks in Summit, Park and Eagle counties.
  • Lift station cleaning - Call us for regular maintenance of your lift station. We also provide emergency service for alarm conditions.
  • Pump service- Avoid flooding! Our experts will install a high-quality pump and alarm for your septic tank or ground water sump. Enjoy peace of mind with a dependable, customized system.
  • Main line sewer cleaning - If more than one fixture in your house is backing up, you have a main line problem. Call Clearwater for high-pressure jetting of sewer mains.
  • Septic tank and sewer line locating- Do you have no idea where your septic tank is located? We can find it using a sewer camera and transponder locating.
  • Video inspection of sewer lines - If you have a sewer line in need of repair, don’t dig up your entire yard searching for it. Save money by having us find the exact location and source of the problem, before you dig.
pumping at a house

“Doug was so amazing and saved the day (night) for us. Although one never is happy about house emergencies he was a pleasure to work with.”
Blue River, CO

Did you know? An overflowing septic tank or sewage back-up can endanger your family’s health and pollute local groundwater. Regular maintenance is the best prevention.