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Septic Pumping

Get the best septic care possible. We’ll clean your tank to the bottom, no matter how large or complex.

Clearwater Cleanup Company provides a unique septic pumping service. Because we use very special pumping trucks, we are able to provide service that is especially beneficial for large septic systems, multiple-tank systems and advanced treatment systems:

We remove more sludge - We have the capacity to thoroughly pump every chamber of even the largest tank. We can also pump multiple tanks in a single trip.

We clean and test your tank - Our pumping trucks, unlike most, have a high-pressure jetter on board. Without hooking up to your fresh water supply, we will:

  • Pressure-wash the tank while we pump, to completely remove the thick sludge.
  • Fill your dosing chamber with water in order to test for dosing action.
  • Clean your filter, fittings and pump.

Clearwater provides more than just a fancy truck. Our septic tank technicians are knowledgeable and experienced. We are specially trained to service, inspect and manage advanced treatment systems. Clearwater also provides complete service for lift stations & pumps.

septic jetting

Pressure-washing with recycled water while pumping the last
of the septic sludge.

septic clear water

Returning the water with beneficial micro-organisms
to the tank.

septic KSA

We can bring extra hose if we know your septic tank is
a long ways from the driveway.

Our advanced technology brings you many benefits:

  1. All chambers, of even the largest tanks, are completely pumped out.

    Septic tanks should be mostly full of water. This water quickly fills up a conventional tanker truck. Most tankers are big enough to pump a normal sized tank, unless they have already pumped too many other tanks on the same trip.

    Our truck works differently. We completely pump out your septic tank, but the water portion quickly drains into a separate compartment in our truck. The clear water is returned to your septic tank. Our truck only retains the sludge, so our net capacity far exceeds a conventional truck.

    We can pump out extra-large tanks and multiple tanks in one trip, and we do not need to leave any chamber partially un-pumped.

  2. Your tank gets cleaner.

    Using some of the clear water that has just been recycled, we can completely remove the thick sludge on the bottom of the tank. Our pump trucks have high-pressure jetters so that we can clean your tank and also wash off your tank fittings so we can inspect them more carefully.

  3. The beneficial micro-organisms are returned to your tank.

    After jetting we return the rest of the clear water. Septic tanks always refill with water within days of being pumped. But our method also returns the anaerobic “bugs” that eat organic matter, and they’re already acclimated to your tank. Your system is back at work from day one.

  4. Your dosing syphon or lift station pump is cleaned and tested.

    We use recycled water from our truck to wash off your syphon or pump, and then to fill the dose chamber so we can test for proper function

  5. The water remains locally available.

    The traditional tanker truck carries water away from your neighborhood. The clear water we return to your tank will eventually go to your leach field and slowly filter down into the surrounding soil. This replenishes your local aquifer.

  6. The waste solids are composted.

    After the water is drained off, the solids on board our truck form into a dense "cake". We take this cake to a local composting facility, where it is mixed with beetle-kill wood chips and composted. See our page on Environmental Protection for more details.

For basic septic tank information and care recommendations, visit our education page, "How do septic tanks work?"

Did you know? The purpose in pumping your tank is to remove the built-up sludge. The water is an ever-present and necessary part of your tank’s function. We haul away the water only from holding tanks, toilet vaults, specialty tanks or when the leach field is impaired.

Danish Dewatering or How Clearwater Got Its Name

Since 1995, Clearwater has used pumping trucks from Simon Moos Maskinfabrik, of Denmark. Simon Moos is a leader in the concept of retaining water on-site, instead of trucking it to a disposal site. This is standard practice in Europe, but just catching on in this country.

We first pump up all of the septic contents, just like the common tanker. But then our truck goes high-tech, and immediately begins to separate the solids from the water. The dewatered solids stay on board our truck, and the CLEAR WATER is returned to the septic tank.

If you’d like to know exactly how the solids and the water are separated, read about our portable sludge dewatering process.