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Pipe and Drain

We’ll get your sewer main line incredibly clean and we can prove it.

Clearwater Cleanup Company uses powerful high-pressure water jetting to blast away clogs, ice and even hard deposits within your large lines.

Then, using a sewer video camera to inspect the interior of the pipe, we can verify that the line is completely clean.

jet vac camera near house

Using a sewer video camera, a Clearwater crew inspects a
residential main line.

Clearwater offers cleaning, thawing, locating, camera-inspection and repairs for major sewer lines.

We also provide high-pressure jetting and jet/vac cleaning for commercial, industrial and municipal customers.

Clearwater will thoroughly clean or thaw your large sewer lines:
  • Main sewer line inside house
  • House and garage floor drains
  • Service line from house to city sewer
  • Sewer line from house to septic tank
  • Outlet pipe from septic tank to leach field
  • Leach field distribution box and lines
  • Driveway culverts
  • Roof or deck drains

Clearwater provides the following sewer line services:

  • Locating of sewer lines and tanks
  • Sewer camera-inspection to pinpoint the cause and location of clogs or breaks
  • Repair of damaged fittings or pipe sections
  • Installation of pipe clean-outs
  • Cabling to remove roots
  • Insulation of waste water lines
  • Replacement of sewer lines to correct settling, inadequate “fall”, or deterioration

If you are having a problem with just one fixture, such a toilet or sink, we recommend calling a plumber or sewer & drain company that services small branch lines.

Why clogs occur:The sewer lines of every house develop a coating of soap scum, hair, lint, solidified grease and minerals. Over time, this build-up will greatly reduce the interior dimensions of your pipe. One day (usually when you have a house full of guests) a slab of this build-up will break loose, or maybe some solids will get stuck. Before you know it, the pipe is clogged and wastewater is backing up.

If only one fixture (sink, toilet, tub, shower or drain) is affected, the clog is probably in the branch line just below the fixture. Any of our fine local plumbers can clear this type of clog with a snake or cable.

Call Clearwater for your main line clogs. When you flush the toilet, does it gurgle and drain very slowly? Or does wastewater come up your tub or shower drain? When your sink drains, does the water come out a downstairs sink? Anytime you are having drainage problems in more than one fixture, it probably means that your main line is obstructed or frozen. The clogged pipe could be within your house, or it could be out in the sewer line leading to your septic tank or the city sewer. Most plumbers do not carry the right equipment to handle a major clog in the main line.

Clearwater has large equipment, ideal for servicing your major sewer lines. Whether your line is clogged or frozen, we can quickly get your system working again.

jet nozzle

When our jetter nozzle is run the length of your main line,
the powerful jets of water create a terrific cleaning action both
coming and going.

We don’t just clear your lines, we clean them.

A snake or cable can clear a small opening through a soft clog. That is not a long-term solution for larger sewer pipes, which are usually restricted by the build-up that has occurred over time. Clearwater uses high-pressure water jetting to clean all types of sewer pipe. Instead of just opening a small hole, we use a blast of water to actually clean the inside of the pipe, scrubbing out all the debris and removing it from the line.

Because we use a remote control to start and stop our jetter equipment, we can clean more precisely and quickly. We supply our own water for jetting, and we can also supply vacuum-pumping to simultaneously jet and vac out debris if needed.

Jetting is safe for types of sewer pipe. The water pressure is strong enough to remove debris, but won’t hurt plastic or cast iron pipe that is in good condition. However, if your sewer pipe is already corroded, broken or improperly installed, it might be further damaged by any type of cleaning, whether it is done with a jetter or sewer snake.

Clearwater can remedy your problem lines

Are you having repeated problems with a sewer main line? Clearwater has the experience to diagnose and solve those problems once and for all. We will begin by using our jetter to clean the pipe, and our sewer video camera to pinpoint the cause and location of the problem.

Sewer lines that have settled and sagged, or did not have enough ”fall” to begin with, are frequently to blame for frozen or backed-up sewage. Broken or offset fittings are also a cause of drainage problems. We can replace fittings, small sections of pipe or entire lines. If you have a sewer line that is shallow and particularly prone to freezing, we can replace it with special insulated sewer pipe.

Because evergreens have relatively shallow roots, they don’t usually penetrate pipes. In our area, it is unusual to have a pipe clogged with roots, but it does happen occasionally. Clearwater can clear root-infested lines with a rotary-flail jetter nozzle or a large cable machine with root-cutter blades.

Call Clearwater to thaw your frozen sewer line.

If you experience a sewer back-up in the winter, and more than one fixture is involved, it is possible that your main line is frozen outside of your house. This might occur due to very cold weather, but freezing can also be a problem when there is inadequate snow cover.

It is important to remember that there has to be standing water in the sewer line for it to freeze. This is usually caused by a low spots in your line, a slow leak of water from your house or a clogged line. Until this underlying problem is corrected, the sewer line might re-freeze again and again.

We excel at thawing frozen sewer lines because we bring:

  • Powerful high-pressure jetters
  • Our own supply of warm water
  • Extra-long hoses with specialized nozzles
  • Years of high-country experience

Clearwater offers high-pressure jetting and jet/vac cleaning for commercial, industrial and municipal customers.