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Small Grease Traps

Clearwater Cleanup Company will thoroughly clean your grease trap. We pride ourselves in removing all built-up grease and food, which restores full capacity to your trap.

If your grease trap is located in a parking garage, you’ll benefit from our low-profile pumping and jetting truck. With a height of just 6 ½ feet, it can fit in spaces that other trucks can’t.

full grease

This trap was packed full of old hardened grease.
We recommend pumping when the trap is 25% grease
and food solids and 75% water.

Clearwater offers the following grease trap services to keep your facility running smoothly:

  • Grease trap pumping - We service under-the-sink, in-floor and underground grease interceptors, including extra large grease interceptors. We also service interceptors for dental offices. Clearwater pumps your trap to bottom every time, and cleans it with hand-scraping (power-washing for larger traps). With our long hoses and powerful equipment, we can quickly clean any trap.
  • Inlet and outlet cleaning- The pipes going in and out of your grease trap are prone to clogging, which can cause your trap or drains to back up. Because our pump trucks have high-pressure jetters, we can clean these lines every time we pump your trap.
  • Drain and sewer line cleaning- Clearwater offers high-pressure jetting to restore full flow to all your sewer lines. Preventative maintenance removes restrictive build-up from your lines, and reduces the chance of unsanitary and costly emergencies.
  • Consulting, repairs and installation- If you are experiencing problems with your sanitary system, Clearwater can track down the underlying cause using a sewer pipe video camera. We repair sewer lines and install new or replacement grease traps.
rotted trap

We removed this steel trap when we discovered it was
full of holes. Old grease is very corrosive.

endura trap install

A plastic replacement trap being installed below the
kitchen floor.

Clearwater uses local composting to recycle your grease trap waste.

Almost all of the grease and food solid waste that we pump is taken to Summit County’s High Country Composting facility. Clearwater is able to do this because the grease and food solids are dewatered.

For smaller traps (less than 250 gallons) we remove all the grease and water from the trap and take it back to our shop for dewatering. For large grease interceptors, the dewatering is done on-site.

To learn more about the composting process, please visit our Environmental Protection page.

Learn how grease traps function and why they are necessary by visiting our education page: How Do Grease Traps Work?