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Grease Trap Services

We can quickly pump and clean any grease interceptor to the bottom, regardless of size or inflow.

Whether you have a small trap under the kitchen sink, or a cavernous interceptor under the parking lot, you can count on Clearwater Cleanup Company to provide top-quality pumping service. We completely pump your trap, removing all grease and food solids. We do not sell expensive additives, or get by with just skimming off the grease on top. Clearwater has the high standards, and the truck capacity needed to do a thorough job of cleaning your interceptor every time.

riser with interceptor

Donā€™t be shy about asking us to pump your neglected
interceptor. We welcome the challenge of restoring
interceptors like this one to good condition.

Clearwater provides comprehensive grease trap service. To find the information most relevant to your needs, please choose from the following links:

Our grease is composted.

All grease that we pump in the central mountain area is dewatered and taken to a local composting facility. To learn more, please visit our Environmental Protection page.

To learn about the basics of grease traps and how to care for them, visit our Education page, ā€œHow do grease traps work?ā€