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Confined Space Entry

Clearwater Cleanup Company performs all confined space work according to OSHA requirements. Our technicians are fully trained and we maintain several sets of certified safety equipment.

The well-being of our technicians is a top priority. Because the work we do can be hazardous, we strive to provide all the training and equipment needed to ensure our employees’ safety on the job site.

To this end, whenever our techs enter into a confined space, such as a septic tank, grease interceptor vessel, lift station, manhole or tank, they must use “Confined Space Entry” procedures and equipment.

CSE manhole

A Clearwater Cleanup crew uses confined space entry equipment
while entering a manhole.

What is the benefit to you?

Because our pumping teams are also trained in confined space entry, you won’t need to call several different service providers to solve a problem with your lift station, tank or vessel. Clearwater can handle your problems from start to finish. We can pump your tank and also enter it to diagnose the problem and perform the repairs. Not all pumping contractors have a crew that is qualified to enter confined spaces, and very few plumbers are able to pump out the vessel so that repairs can be made. Clearwater can do it all.

Why is there an additional fee for confined space entry?

Much of the work we do does not require confined space entry. So rather than cover the cost by raising our hourly work rates, we prefer to charge an additional fee for just those times when confined space equipment is needed.

This fee covers our costs for annual 8-hour training classes for our techs, the purchase of equipment, third-party calibration and certification of monitors and winches, and the time to mobilize the equipment.

Did you know?

Septic tanks and other enclosed spaces can be filled with lethal gasses! Never enter a tank or confined space without training, safety gear and another trained person to pull you out.

Confined space entry requires:

  • At least 2 trained technicians. In addition to the tech(s) needed to work inside the tank or hole, we must have an attendant on the surface.
  • Certified fall-arrest man winch
  • Calibrated and certified gas monitors
  • Entry permit
  • In some cases, supplied air and masks