We're the high country experts in complex pump systems, jet/vac cleaning, and the complete removal of sludge, grease, sand, and septic waste.

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Our Equipment

Vac Combo

OK, we admit it, we like to buy all the latest tools. Here at Clearwater Cleanup Company, we especially like powerful, high-tech equipment that can really get the job done. From our Danish dewatering trucks to our state-of-the art sewer cameras, we have all the right stuff to complete your toughest jobs.

Our pumping and jetting equipment has been especially chosen (in some cases custom-made) to deliver excellent performance at high-altitude. Whether your work is in a remote location or the tightest parking garage, we’ll be able to reach it with our off-road vehicles and extra-long hoses. We pump sludge, grease, sand/oil, sewage, septage, sediments, industrial and other non-hazardous waste.

dewatering container

Pumping & Dewatering

Vacuum combo trucks (KSAs) We have two self-contained pumping and processing trucks that are perfect for pumping any liquid waste and dewatering it on-board. They carry 200 ft. of 3” vac hose. They also high-pressure jet at 1500 psi, 35 gpm up to 175 ft. from truck. Internal boilers allow pumping & jetting in weather down to 20 degrees below zero.

Junior jet/vac A small but powerful work horse, this high-vac truck is just 6 ft. 6 inches tall for pumping and jetting in garages. Four-wheel drive for off-road locations, and it can vac, jet, clean up spills, capture jetter water or shuttle waste to larger trucks. Has 300 gallon vac tank and 1500 psi, 6 gpm jetter and carries 150 ft. of ¼” jetter hose, 33 ft. of 3” vac hose, and 100 ft. of 2” vac hose. Can haul trailer for additional jetter water or pumping capacity.

Truck with roll-off vac tank Used for pumping sand, rocks, sludge and other debris, this 3200-gallon vac tank has a full-open rear door for easy dumping. It carries 100 ft. of 3” vac hose.

Portable sludge dewatering containers (AVCs) Our 3 roll-off containers are quickly set up for dewatering large quantities of sludge and grease. The three 8,000 gallon boxes combined can process up to 100,000 gallons of sludge per day. The boxes are used together with our pump doser which mixes polymer into the sludge or grease. Our mobile dewatering system is totally self-sufficient.

Numerous pumps We have many smaller pumps that can be used for by-pass pumping, flood relief or loaner pumps.

High-Pressure Jetting

Mid-size jetter Best for clearing pipe 2 to 8” in diameter with high-pressure jetting up to 6,000 psi at 10 gpm. Includes 300 ft. of 3/8” hose and 300 ft. of ¼” hose (can be combined for 600 ft.) and an extensive selection of jetter nozzles and heads. It carries 175 gallons of water and also hauls confined space entry equipment and other tools.

large jetter

Large jetter Great for clearing pipe 4 - 36” in diameter and other high-pressure cleaning. This trailer-mounted unit can reach remote sites and delivers powerful jetting at 4,000 psi and 35 gpm. Includes 500 ft. of ½” and 500 ft. of ¾” hose (can be combined for 1000 ft.) and an extensive selection of specialized nozzles perfect for any application.

Tractor camera - Incredible resource for high-resolution color viewing of 6 - 60” diameter pipe, up to 1,000 feet long. Steerable 6-wheel tractor digital camera operates from self-sufficient 4 ft. square, 1,000 lb. Outpost box that can be hauled on a pick-up truck, Snow Cat, ATV or loader bucket, or even disassembled and hand-carried. Features pan and tilt action with zoom up to 135 feet. Tractor can turn in a 10” line and travel into branch lines. Measures rate of fall, length of cracks, size and shape of holes. Produces USB flash drive recording with printable reports and graphs.

Push camera for 1” pipe Used for color viewing of 1 to 4“ diameter pipe. Can only go 30 feet, but can handle lots of bends in line. Can record to USB flash drive.

Push camera for 1 ¼” pipe Used for black & white viewing of 1.25 to 4” diameter pipe. Can be pushed up to 160 ft. with 2 bends. View only-no recording.

tractor camera

Push camera for 1 ½” pipe Used for color viewing 1.5 to 6” diameter pipe up to 200 ft with 2 or 3 bends. Adjustable focus. Can make USB flash drive recording.

Push camera for 2” pipe Used for color viewing 2 to 6” diameter pipe. Very unusual push distance of 500 feet, but does not go around bends worth a darn. Adjustable focus. Can make USB recording.


15-yard dirt box Roll-off box for hauling dirt, rocks, and other dry debris.

15-yard dirt box Roll-off box for hauling dirt, rocks, and other dry debris.

Flat bed 8 x 20 ft. bed rolls-off and sits on ground for easy loading of equipment and large debris.

Confined Space Entry Equipment

We have several units of tripods, winches, masks, respirators, supplied air, and gas monitors as required by OSHA for entering confined spaces.

Excavation & Repairs

Mini-excavator Great for excavations to 8 ft. deep or removing sediment from ditches.

Skid steer loader Makes quick work of loading material onto our roll-off boxes.

Concrete saws, core drills, jack hammers and other hand tools We own all the hand tools we need so there are none of the delays caused by tool rentals.