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Colorado Grease Regulations

The grease in a grease interceptor or trap is considered “waste grease”. Colorado’s new rules regarding waste grease took effect on January 30, 2012.

According to the Colorado Department of Public Health, “The transport and disposal of waste grease is strictly regulated: If you have more than 55 gallons to dispose, you must hire a registered waste grease transporter to remove and dispose of it”. The 55 gallon limit refers to the total capacity of the interceptor, since all grease, food and water inside the interceptor is now “waste grease”.

The Colorado waste grease regulations can be found at the website for Colorado Department of Public Health : www.colorado.gov/cdphe/wastegrease

The CDPH also has an easy-to-read flier on Grease Trap Maintenance

Clearwater Cleanup Company was one of the first companies to become a Registered Waste Grease Transporter. Our transporter ID is “2”.

When you hire Clearwater, you can rest assured that your waste grease will be handled according to the regulations. We haul all waste grease to a registered waste grease collection facility.

The vast majority of our grease is taken to the Summit County Resource Allocation Park (ID “47”), where it is mixed with wood chips from beetle-kill trees and composted by High Country Composting.