We're the high country experts in complex pump systems, jet/vac cleaning, and the complete removal of sludge, grease, sand, and septic waste.

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About Us

Crew Jetting

Our company was founded in 1994 by Doug Michener, under the name of Colorado Grease Trap Specialists, Inc. Our name was soon changed to Clearwater Cleanup Company as we expanded into:

  • Pumping treatment plant sludge, grease and sand traps, lift stations and septic tanks
  • Cleaning and inspecting sewer lines
  • Doug, founder and president

    Doug Michener, founder and president,
    enjoys helping customers out in the field.

  • Repairing and installing lift stations, pumps,
    sewer lines, tanks, interceptors and treatment plant components

Today we are still a family owned and locally operated company. Clearwater Cleanup is small enough to care about each customer, but large enough to get the job done.

Doug Michener, our president, is very hands-on. He personally supervises our most complex jobs, and enjoys learning about advancements in the wastewater industry.

Clearwater Cleanup Company believes in providing thorough cleaning, practical expertise, and long-term solutions for our customers.

What's in a name?

When we pump sludge, septage or grease, we process it on the spot, in one of our special Danish dewatering trucks. The sludge is separated into 2 components: a little bit of solid matter and a lot of very clear water.

Jetting clear water

By recycling the water through our high-pressure jetter, we are able to do a better job as we clean up the tank. Returning the clear water to the source is good, especially for septic tanks and interceptors, which need a layer of water to work properly.

Since only the solids need to be hauled away, we reduce fuel consumption and truck traffic. The dewatered solids are taken to a composting site, where they are mixed with wood chips and turned into Class 1 compost.

Our name, Clearwater Cleanup Company, reflects not only our process, but our belief in efficiency and waste minimization. Our customers benefit by a more thorough cleaning, the return of beneficial micro-organisms to their septic tank, and reduced costs for hauling and disposal.

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